Dive the Spiegel Grove

Advanced Divers only. But, we can bring you up to advanced. Just call 305-451-1177 to reserve your deep dive with Keys Diver.

Diving the wreck of the Speigel Grove in Key Largo

Fish, Fish, Everywhere!

Midnight Parrott Fish, They're like the motorcycle gang of fish! Watch the feeding frenzy on the reef.

Midnight Parrott fish on Molasses Reef

Dive Groups

We cater to dive groups! Just give us a call and we'll help organize your dive or snorkel.


"Turtles make my dive!"

We love sea turtles.... Don't forget to look up into the water column. That's where you'll see the beauty of the sea turtle.

Hawksbill turtle on Molasses Reef

Welcome to Scuba Diving with Keys Diver!

Your Five Star Service Dive Center

We treat you, like we like to be treated when we dive!

At Keys Diver, we realize this is your vacation! You've worked hard for it and you deserve a little pampering. From the moment you arrive in the Dive Shop, to set up your trip, to the moment you have to leave to return home, we treat you like your part of the family. Our professionally trained Instructors, Captains, Crew and Shop Staff are there to help you. We'll help you with equipment, planning your dive, getting a guide for you, breaking down your equipment, and even storing it and prepping it for your next day trip. We're here for you. Welcome to the Keys Diver family!

Morning Dive Trips

Two Tank 8am Morning Dive

We suggest you take care of the paperwork the night before a morning dive. It will save a bit of time. We meet at the boat at 7:15 to set up gear, or get fitted for rental gear. Trips can vary, so call the shop to make your request. If Keys Diver II is going deep, it will be done on this trip, but the morning reef trips are also very popular. Two tank trips frequent Molasses Reef, French Reef, with it's spur and groove reef, the wreck of the Benwood in 45ft of water, or Snapper Ledge, famous for it's school's of, yes, Snapper. Trip time 8am-12 - noon.
Two tank 8am morning dive, including tanks and weights just $80

One Tank 9am Morning Dive

This is your chance to dive the famous Christ of the Abyss Statue! We'll leave at 9am, 8:15 check-in at the shop. The Christ Statue is a Key Largo favorite. It stands in 27 feet of water on a 6 foot concrete base, and is over 9 feet tall. It was a gift to the Florida Keys by Scuba manufacturer, Cressi, back in the 1960's. Check our 'Reefs and Wrecks' page for more site descriptions. Snorkel and Diver mix, 1 hour at one location. Departs 9am returns approx 12 noon

One tank 9am morning dive, including tanks and weights just $50
Snorkelers including snorkel equipment just $32.95








Afternoon Dive Trip

Two Tank 1pm Afternoon Dive

Our afternoon, two tank, two location trips vary, depending on conditions. Molasses Reef is a favorite with sites like Eagle Ray Alley, Coral Canyons and Hole in the Wall. Second stops may visit Pickles or famed Snapper Ledge. Visit our Reefs and Wrecks page for more Reef descriptions.

Check in at the Shop by 12 noon, then head to the boat, docked at our favorite Restaurant/Bar/Marina - the Pilot House - a great after dive hangout.

Remember, Keys Diver does allow snorkelers on all our reef dive trips, to better accommodate families where not everyone is a diver.

Two tank 1pm afternoon dive, including tanks and weights just $80
Snorkelers including snorkel equipment just $36.95

One Tank 1pm Afternoon Dive

Molasses Reef has depths from 20 feet to over 40 ft making it ideal for both snorkelers and divers. There are more than 30 mooring balls on Molasses, each one of them a totally new dive site, such as the Winch Hole, so named for the huge peice of gear that was torn from a sailing vessel that ran aground in the 1800's. We will visit one reef for a one tank, one hour dive, or snorkel. Departure at 1pm and return approx 3:30pm

One tank 1pm afternoon dive, including tank and weights just $50
Snorkelers including snorkel equipment just $32.95










Night Diving

Explore a whole new world - the reefs at night. Watch the corals bloom and the fish feed! Departure times vary throughout the year, depending on sunset time.

Typiclly, we'll depart before sunset, arriving at the reef, just as the sun sets. Slip into the twilight waters and watch, as night falls, and the reef comes alive.

Night diving does require advanced diver certification.

One tank night dive, including tank and weights just $80



Fluorescent Night Diving

Now this is diving like you've never seen it before!

Keys Diver is the only dive shop in the Florida Keys to offer Fluorescent Night Diving. Some corals actually give off a fluorescent light that can't be seen by the naked human eye, but by using special underwater lights with blue filters of a certain wave length, and, a filter shield over your mask, you'll see colors on the reef like never before!

Brain corals show rivers of neon green. Fire coral is, well, on fire! However, fish do not fluoresce nor are they even visible to you. All didves are guided by one of our specialist Instructors. This is definitely a dive for Advanced Divers only. Call the shop to book this trip. There are minimums to be met. Ideal for groups.

One tank fluorescent night dive, including tank, weights and lights just $905



Equipment Rentals

It's lovely to travel with all your own dive gear, but we know this isn't always possible, so we're here to help you out. Tanks and weights are included in all dives

  • Full gear w/wetsuit......
  • BCD.......
  • Reg, Octo, Depth Guage.......
  • Prescription Mask.........$10
  • Dive light................$10
  • Dive Guide................$75

Smaller divers may request 63 cu ft tanks.

Fresh water shower, marine head and camera rinse tank available on dive boat. Snacks are also on board for purchase.



Haven't been Diving in a while?

We know not everyone is as fortunate as we are and can dive every day. If it has been longer than two years since your last dive, we will suggest, for your sfaety, that you take a refresher course.

Your refresher begins at 9am in the pool, with your Instructor, and full gear. We'll go over all gear, mask cleearing, reg recovery and many other skills, just to bring you back up to speed. Emergency ascents, buoyancy, and boat diving etiquette will also be covered.

We're sure you were a top diver, last time you got in the water, but a refresher course, after a period of inactivity, could save your life. Please dive responsibly and ensure that we'll all have a safe memorable dive.

Refresher course, with full equipment, morning pool instruction and afternoon dives - $200



Need a Buddy? - Single Divers

We know this is a touchy subject for some. Keys Diver Policy is that we do not allow single divers, those without a buddy, to dive with us.

No, we do not pair you up with other divers, and for several reasons. First, those other people are on their vacation too, and may not want someone else forced upon them. Secondly, suppose you, or they, were not great divers, possibly running out of air, forcing the dive to be called! Somebody would be pretty upset at having being paired with a less than professional diver.

We will not turn you away though. There is an answer! We will supply a dive guide to be you buddy. The best part is, all our dive guides are Instructors, meaning, they won't be running out of air, or worse yet, getting lost on you. You can relax and enjoy your dive fully, no worries. Your in good hands with a Keys Diver guise!

Dive Guides $75 for up to 4 divers