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Dive the Spiegel Grove

Advanced Divers only. But, we can bring you up to advanced. Just call 305-451-1177 to reserve your deep dive with Keys Diver.

Diving the wreck of the Speigel Grove in Key Largo

Fish, Fish, Everywhere!

Midnight Parrott Fish, They're like the motorcycle gang of fish! Watch the feeding frenzy on the reef.

Midnight Parrott fish on Molasses Reef

Dive Groups

We cater to dive groups! Just give us a call and we'll help organize your dive or snorkel.


"Turtles make my dive!"

We love sea turtles.... Don't forget to look up into the water column. That's where you'll see the beauty of the sea turtle.

Hawksbill turtle on Molasses Reef

Learn to SCUBA Dive with Keys Diver!

Your Five Star Service Dive Center

We treat you, like we like to be treated when we dive!

You've tried snorkeling and love it! Now you want to take the next step and learn to dive. Keys Diver has helped 100's of people enjoy this exciting sport. We offer classes, by appointment only. Read below, to learn how to start this new adventure and 'Learn to Dive' or, maybe you just want to try it out, before you commit. That's OK too. We offer a one day dive experience, called 'Discover SCUBA'. Either way, we'll get you on your way to an amazing experience.

Discover SCUBA

Take part in the adventure of a lifetime. Dive Today! You’ve always wanted to Scuba Dive, but you weren’t sure if it was for you. Well, now is your chance. The intro to Scuba begins in the pool. You will learn some basic skills in this controlled environment with a PADI certified instructor. After a short break, we take you out on the boat for 2 dives on the reef accompanied by a certified Instructor. Price includes your all gear, instruction and reef dive.
Pool and open water dive - $200
*minimum 2 per class
Pool session only - $135

Please download the Discover Scuba Diving sign up form. You may complete it prior to your arrival at the store and save some time. Please note that if you answer 'yes' to any of the medical questions, you will be required to have a Doctor's certificate giving you permission to dive.This does not mean to fudge the truth on the form. Diving does have its risks. Be safe. Be sure you are in good health for your dive.

Should you require a doctor's permission to take part in a Discover Scuba Diving session, please download this form and have it filled out by your physician.

Learn To Dive

Open Water Diver - You have decided you are finally going to learn to dive!

E-Learning - a must before your confined and open water dives. Begin the classroom knowledge part of your course in the comfort of your own home and on your time schedule. The 'red 'E-Learning' link directs you to the Padi site where you can sign up for the online portion of your dive course. After completion, contact Keys Diver to schedule the confined and open water parts of the course to complete your certification. You must be at least 10 years old to begin your e-Learning course. Divers between 10 and 14 qualify as Jr. Open Water Divers.

The Diving part of your course consists of 2 mornings in the pool, plus 2 afternoons for 4 open water reef dives on board Keys Diver II. All sessions are with a PADI certified instructor and include gear, instruction, boat dives and PADI certification. The entire course should take 2 days, depending on weather and sea conditions. *Should you require additional pool time, or open water dives, additional fees may apply.

E-Learning - $190
Open water course - $395









Advanced Open Water Course

Expand Your Dive Skills

The course includes 6 open water dives with a PADI Instructor and rental equipment. The 2 required dives are Navigation and Deep. The three elective dives are your choice of *Night, DPV, Wreck, Search and Recovery, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware, Digital Underwater Photography, Digital Underwater Videography or Fish ID.

Book E-Learning here. $158, payable to PADI

Advanced Course - three boat trips - total 6 dives.
2 student minimum


Haven't Been Diving in a while?

We know not everyone is as fortunate as we are and can dive every day. If it has been longer than two years since your last dive, we will suggest, for your safety, that you take a refresher course.

Your refresher begins at 9am in the pool, with your Instructor, and full gear. We'll go over all gear, mask clearing, reg recovery and many other skills, just to bring you back up to speed. Emergency ascents, buoyancy, and boat diving etiquette will also be covered.

We're sure you were a top diver, last time you got in the water, but a refresher course, after a period of inactivity, could save your life. Please dive responsibly and ensure that we'll all have a safe memorable dive.

Refresher course, with full equipment, morning pool instruction and afternoon dives - $200

Afternoon reef dives are unsupervised. Additional guide charges apply if you wish to dive with an instructor.














Need a Buddy? - Single Divers

We know this is a touchy subject for some. Keys Diver Policy is that we do not allow single divers, those without a buddy, to dive with us.

No, we do not pair you up with other divers, and for several reasons. First, those other people are on their vacation too, and may not want someone else forced upon them. Secondly, suppose you, or they, were not great divers, possibly running out of air, forcing the dive to be called! Somebody would be pretty upset at having being paired with a less than professional diver.

We will not turn you away though. There is an answer! We will supply a dive guide to be you buddy. The best part is, all our dive guides are Instructors, meaning, they won't be running out of air, or worse yet, getting lost on you. You can relax and enjoy your dive fully, no worries. Your in good hands with a Keys Diver guide!

Dive Guides $120 for up to 4 divers